What To Know About Bananas

Please don’t fear bananas! 🍌🍌🍌🍌

I regularly am asked by clients “Can I eat bananas?”

My answer: YES! They can absolutely be part of a balanced diet. And did you know, bananas are powerful de-bloaters thanks to their high potassium levels!

The trick with bananas is knowing that a portion size is, in fact, only half a banana and that they are lower in fiber than many other fruit choices. Portions matter.

Other foods you’re “not sure you can eat”? Drop it in the comments here, and I’ll share what I recommend!

Amy Shapiro NYC dietitian talks about what to know about bananas.

So all my clients are always asking me if they should eat bananas and the truth of the matter is, nobody ever gained weight, by eating a banana. The tricky thing with bananas is that they’re low in fiber and a serving size is only half of a banana so you get less bang for your buck.