What Does an Initial Consultation Entail?

We conduct a thorough review of your medical, diet and social history; daily lifestyle, eating, exercise and work habits; and personal food preferences, likes, dislikes, and goals.  Based on your assessment, we create an individualized eating plan that meets your personal health, taste, and lifestyle requirements. Weight and body fat percentage may also be recorded to track your progress. 60 Minutes.

What Can I Expect from a Follow-Up Session?

Follow-up sessions include nutritional analysis, structured meal planning, diet management support, and accountability, along with tips, tricks, and food, recipe, restaurant, travel, and lifestyle suggestions to help balance your nutrients and meet your goals.  30 Minutes.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Real Nutrition does not accept insurance. We provide you with a Receipt of Service and the appropriate codes for you to submit directly to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Will I Feel Hungry?

Our counseling is designed to transform your relationship with food, not make you feel starved or deprived. In addition to nutritious food and recipe suggestions, we teach you what foods to eat to ensure you feel satisfied while meeting your goals.

Should I Avoid Gluten?

If you have an intolerance or allergy to gluten, reducing or eliminating gluten in your diet can be a part of your nutrition reinvention.

Can I Still Drink Alcohol?

Our philosophy is everything in moderation. We empower you with the confidence and knowledge to make smart food and drink choices that won’t negate your nutritional goals.

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