Thankful for Thanksgiving

What’s your favorite holiday? Mine is Thanksgiving. Why? Simply because it’s just about food, family, friends, and fun (OK too). There are no religious aspects or gift requirements, just gathering to spend quality time and cozy up over comfort food and cocktails.  However, around this time, many of my clients begin to worry about overindulging as the holiday season kicks off. That is why I am here to remind you that as you enjoy this festive time of year, there are small actions you can take to stay on track with your nutrition goals so you don’t feel deprived or end up bloated! We’ve listed our favorite tips below and also have a surprise offer at the end so read on!

  • Don’t show up hungry: This will always result in overeating no matter how hard you try.  Have a protein and fiber-packed snack (think yogurt and fruit) beforehand so you don’t arrive famished.

  • Plan ahead: Check your calendar and plan for healthy meals on the days you aren’t out and about.  If you follow your regular, nutritiously balanced diet throughout the week you can enjoy yourself at the event!

  • ACV + H2O:  Add 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar to 6-8 oz of water to help you metabolize carbohydrates, prevent insulin spikes, and balance your blood sugar!

  • Take a 10-minute walk after your meal: Studies have shown that taking a short walk after your meal is beneficial for digestion and managing blood sugar levels! So before you go sit on the couch, take a walk, you won’t regret it!

  • Yes to special treats: Seasonal treats are beyond tempting especially when they are everywhere you turn. Indulge in what’s special and unique about this holiday, your absolute favorites, and skip what’s regular and available year-round.

  • Coming Soon!! Keep your eyes peeled for our new 2023 Real Reset! After Thanksgiving and before the “real” holiday season kicks off is the perfect time to reset, detox, and clean up! Sign up for our 5-day nutrition program that will have you feeling AMAZING for the holidays or vacation, or to simply help you recover from it all.  What’s included?
    • A 5-day detailed meal plan
    • Ingredient-specific grocery list
    • Recipes
    • Our most effective tips and tricks for optimal results. No juicing required!  

If you find the above tips helpful, the Real Reset will truly take you to the next level.  You deserve to feel amazing! 

But most importantly, enjoy your time with family and friends, they are precious and this time is special.  With our tips and a little bit of planning, you will be able to eat mindfully and immerse yourself in the festivities all at the same time!