Is There a “Formula” for Weight Loss?

What happens is when you’re trying to lose weight, we want to burn fat. However, the first thing that your body goes to for energy is carbohydrates, which is actually sugar in the blood. And when you have sugar in the blood, your insulin increases, and that is your fat storage forming. So therefore, when you’re trying to lose fat, or just in general, what we’re talking about more now, is you always want to manage your blood sugar levels. We tell you not to eat ultra-processed foods because they’re usually super high-end simple carbs that will spike your blood sugar. What I do recommend is anytime you do eat a carbohydrate, whether it’s simple or complex, I do want you to pair it with a protein or a fat. This will allow for a slower digestion of the carbohydrates a more even blood sugar level, and less insulin surges. This is how we lose weight over time, without being hungry.
Amy Shapiro, MS RD quick guide to losing weight