5 Lesser-Known Immunity Boosting Whole Foods

These are five immunity-boosting whole foods that you can also add to your diet:

  • Grass-fed red meat: this contains zinc, which is an immunity booster
  • Kiwis: this contains tons of vitamin C and helps with elimination, so you are supporting your immunity and detoxifying by eliminating toxins
  • Probiotics: you can get this through a supplement or you can eat fermented foods like Greek yogurt, kimchi, etc.
  • Collagen: I like to use Further Foods! You can add it to your coffee every day; it helps to support your gut lining
  • Water! Of course, because if you’re adequately hydrated, then you can fight off bacteria, your mucous membranes remain moist and the bacteria can’t get through them! You’re also eliminating toxins by flushing your system out, so staying hydrated is key (and water is free!)