What’s your plan?

We are 2/3 of the way into 2023, how are your new year’s resolutions holding up?  At this point, I find most of my clients are still motivated and pushing to ride out the month, check that box, and solidify new habits. To be honest I start to see motivation wane closer to mid-Feb. So to that, I say, what’s your strategy? How can you stay committed and continue working towards your goal? We have a few ideas:

1.  Consider signing up for our New Year Kick-off Program: Created to hold you accountable, provide support and get results. It’s available until … you guessed it mid-Feb to get you over that hump!  It works.

2.  Keep a food journal: Hand write it, use an app, we don’t care just write it down! Research shows writing it down allows for a higher rate of success no matter your goal. Our clients who keep food journals get the best results. In fact, as part of our New Year Kick-Off program, we review and comment on your food journal every week! Trust me, this works. 

3.  Don’t head blindly into February: What’s your plan? How can you continue to work towards your goal next month?  Does it mean setting reminders in your calendar to have a PM snack, meal prep on Sundays, lay out your workout clothes at night, and maybe sleep in your sports bra?  Celebrating making it through January isn’t enough, plan ahead so you can nail February too.

Own your hard work this month, revel in your success, and plan ahead to make next month awesome too!  If you need support just holler, here are the easiest ways to get in touch: