We Need to Talk About the Carnivore Diet

The craziest thing about is the carnivore diet. Is the carnivore diet…Why? Because in the carnivore diet, all you eat is animal meats. So that’s this poultry, steak, and eggs. That’s it. What you are emitting, of course, are sugars and simple carbs and processed foods, but you’re also omitting plants, fruits, vegetables, whole grains also nuts, seeds, and avocados. So while you might see results and you might lose weight, long term, this is not ideal. You will be missing out on important antioxidants vitamins and minerals and sure you can supplement them but the best way to get them into your diet is by eating whole foods. So this is not a diet I recommend not to mention that you get zero fiber and zero fiber we’re supposed to be getting 25 to 38 grams of fiber a day and this time we’ll be getting zero fiber that means you will not be eliminating or detoxifying your body anyway. Simply put, I wouldn’t do it.