Trending: Hot new healthy foods

Trending: Hot New Healthy Foods


So among the many, many, MANY products we saw, where are the trends headed and which were our new (and old) favs?  Keep on reading for what you should try and what you’ll be hearing about soon!

Trend alert:


  • Food companies with heart: Think “buy one, give one.” A common theme we saw were companies incorporating social good into their model. For every one you buy, one is donated to someone in need. One of our favs in this space is The Cure Bar, the first snack bar to use the Black Seed (loaded in nutrition) in bar form and with only whole foods you can feel good about. Gluten free, dairy free and non-gmo you can feel good eating one and doing some charity at the same time! 


  • Mushrooms:  Nope, not the psychedelic kind (sorry!) but the VERY tasty kind.  We tasted mushrooms of all types, from jerky to freeze-dried to powdered forms, it is true, mushrooms are all the rage. A well-earned title since they are a great source of Vitamin D3, are powerful adaptogens and great vegan substitutes for meat. We totally fell in love with Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, the flavor and textures were so spot on we’d eat these out of the bag or on top of our salads.


  • Gluten Free Crackers: Yup going gluten-free isn’t going anywhere fast so let us introduce you to a new cracker that isn’t just crunchy but tastey AF! Jilz Crackers are so good you’ll want to devour the whole pack. Thankfully thing she sells snack packs (yes, portion control!)! I recommend keeping them in the freezer since no preservatives mean shorter shelf life (which is a fair trade in my opinion) The Mediterranean flavor is my fav topped with some avo or even eaten alone!


  • Cauliflower is the new Kale: From pizza crusts to crackers to rice and now “tater tots” cauliflower is making old starchy favorites healthy again! We were so excited to try Nolita Naturals Cauliflower Bites and jazzed when we learned they were based in NYC! Tater tots made out of cauliflower means we can dig in guilt-free and serve them to guests with confidence. Our fav, Buffalo style – hello Football season!


  • Eggs: enough said! If you know me, you know I love eggs. They save you in so many situations, are easy to make and fairly easy to order in a healthful way when on the road. However, you usually have to compromise taste and texture when buying already hard-boiled eggs at a chain, mart or airport. Meet Peckish – perfectly boiled organic eggs paired with a crunchy dipping dish containing gluten-free grains and/or spices! Sometimes you want to eat real food when on the run and here is your healthy hack…in one seriously cute package. Coming soon to a store near you!


  • Old standby Health Warrior: We love chia seeds, 100 calorie snacks and fiber-rich foods that taste sweet therefore we LOVE Health Warrior chia bars and their new flavor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!  Full of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, iron and taste we keep a few of these in our desk drawer, purse, briefcase and so should you. With new packaging and only 3 grams of added sugar these truly are the perfect bite-sized snack for everyone from kiddos to athletes. Get on board!

And that’s a wrap. We’ll do our best to keep introducing you to brands we can fully stand behind. What does that mean?  No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, additives, chemicals or unnecessary processing. Just food, that tastes good and makes your life easy!