The Truth About Protein

Protein is the macronutrient of the moment and we are here for it! Why is it “all the rage”, you might ask? For starters, protein helps you maintain muscle mass, balance blood sugar, keeps you satiated and satisfied, which, in turn, helps to reduce cravings and overeating. This is why we encourage our clients to include protein in all meals and snacks.  

The general recommendation for daily protein intake is 1g/lb of ideal body weight, which we know can be hard for people to meet at times. Since we always give realistic recommendations, we suggest aiming for 21-30g of protein per meal and 10-15g of protein per snack.  

How much protein is in your food? See some common items below:

   • 3 oz of Chicken, turkey, beef, or fish = 21 g of protein
   • 1 egg = 6 g protein
   • ½ cup Tofu/Tempeh = 10/15 g protein
   • 1 cup Beans/Grains = 7-10 g protein
   • ¼ cup Nuts & Seeds = 6 g protein
   • ½ Greek yogurt or cottage cheese = 14-16 g protein 
   • 1 serving Protein powder = 21-25 g protein
   • 1 serving Collagen peptides = 9 g protein

Don’t forget, fruits and vegetables also contain protein (in smaller amounts), so mix the suggestions above with a variety of plants, and you’ll find that meeting your protein goals is easier than you think. Next time you set up your plate or grab a snack, think “protein first”, and see how the rest of your day plays out. We bet you’ll be less hungry, more energized, and know you’ll see solid results in the gym too! Need some inspo? Check out our recipes on Instagram, our Real Reset meal plan, or personalize your plate and sign up for a few 1:1 sessions.

Keep crushing your nutrition goals and as always, we are here for questions, so email or DM us, we’ve got you covered!