The Truth About Bagels

NYC bagels 🥯, bagels at a family brunch—the bagels that you really want to eat!—are actually equivalent to five or six slices of bread 🍞 🤯🍞🤯🍞🤯🍞🤯🍞

When was the last time you sat down to eat five or six slices of toast at a meal? Probably never.

But some of us will mindlessly eat a bagel or two because they’re that delicious.

So, what I usually recommend if you want to eat the bagel once in a while: Eat half! It’s more than enough.

Or scoop out the insides because that’s what gives it those extra carbs.

Also, make sure to stuff those bagels with protein and veggies 🥬🍅🥒so it’ll balance out that carbohydrate load.

Bagels aren’t bad, of course, depending on what your nutrition goals are, but they’re definitely not an everyday food.

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