The Rules I Give My Clients About Drinking School

Let’s be realistic here! As a Registered Dietitian living and working in New York City, my clients usually drink alcohol. These are a few of the strategies I go over with them so they can incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle.

Pick your number for the week: I usually recommend seven drinks or less, male or female. And that doesn’t mean to drink those seven drinks in one day-that is more harmful than drinking one or two drinks a night.

If you’re buying your liquor, then I recommend buying an organic wine, which you can find at many liquor stores or you can order online, or looking for a tequila or Mezcal. These are usually the cleanest choices.

Skip the sugary mixers, and use club soda with fresh lemon, fresh lime, citrus fruits or other fruits; you can also use a flavored club soda, spindrift, or something like that.

And of course, don’t forget to hydrate between beverages!