The Best Pre-Workout Snacks: Advice For Anyone Headed Back To The Gym For 2024!

At about an hour to an hour and a half before your workout, you’ll want to add something like nut butter or seed butter to this recipe because it will give you some fat and protein to hold you longer. It’ll give you a little bit more endurance and longevity in your workout. Some other snacks that I’d like to recommend if you’re looking for fast energy then I would just go with a piece of fruit you could do a handful of nuts with some dried fruit and some dried mango. If you’re looking for longevity I would look for something like half of the sandwich wholegrain bread with Turkey medicine tomato you can also do a hard-boiled egg with some kind of veggies hard-boiled egg with some fresh fruit, fresh fruit with a piece of cheese, fresh fruit with nuts, whole grain crackers with some hummus, there’s so many options. But when you’re going through longevity you want to make sure there’s protein or fat combined with your carbohydrate if you’re going for quick HIIT and fast, just carbs. 

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