Symptom Soothers: Foods for Allergy Relief

April showers bring May flowers and ALLERGIES! As we continue into the Spring months, here at Real Nutrition, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our top nutrition tips and best practices to help minimize allergy symptoms, so we can all carry on crushing it in our day-to-days.

A few of our favorite and effective nutrition tips to reduce allergy symptoms include:

  • Sip some tea: Specifically, nettle tea & green tea, which are natural antihistamines. This means they reduce the reaction to allergens. They are also rich in antioxidants, specifically Quercetin (also found in apples & onions), which reduces histamine release.  
  • Limit dairy consumption to reduce inflammation & mucus production. Also, some aged cheeses are high in histamines, which can exacerbate your allergy symptoms. 
  • Enjoy pineapple, which is rich in bromelain, a compound that helps to reduce respiratory distress and inflammation associated with allergies. 
  • Enjoy fruits rich in vitamin C (kiwi, strawberries, citrus)! Vitamin C helps to reduce histamine levels which ultimately decreases symptoms. It also boosts immunity, which is always a bonus!
  • Increase daily consumption of omega-3s to further reduce inflammation through cold water fish, chia seeds & walnuts. 

Start with these simple nutrition tips and hopefully you can wave goodbye to those allergy symptoms that get in the way of your busy lives! Check out our recipes on Instagram or personalize your plate and sign up for a few 1:1 sessions.
Keep crushing your nutrition goals and, as always, feel free to email or DM us!