Support the Skin You’re In

It’s almost officially summer (Yay!) and we know what that means… fewer clothing layers, more exposed skin!  As we shed our sweaters and sweatpants (COVID!) for short sleeves and shorts,  it’s not only important to slather on sunscreen but to consider your skin from the inside out.  What you put in and on your skin makes a huge difference in everything from wrinkle prevention to UV Ray protection. I’m highlighting some of my favorite foods and products that do wonders for your skin as part of, or paired with a healthy diet.  Pick a few to try this summer and show off the skin you’re in. 

  1.  Vitamin C – it’s not just for immunity!  Used topically, eaten or via supplementation vitamin C helps protect skin from UV damage and decreases signs of aging.  It is a powerful antioxidant and also promotes collagen production!  

    1. Eat: red pepper, broccoli, kiwi, strawberries, citrus fruits
    2. Try:  Liposphyric Vitamin C
    3. Apply: Marie Veronique C & E Ferulic

  2. Collagen Peptides – A clean source of protein (make sure it’s grass-fed) I use this in my smoothies and add it to coffee or matcha for a quick protein boost and to help keep my skin, hair and nails strong.  Consistency is key here for that youthful glow so make it part of your daily routine to see best results.

    1. Try: Further Foods Matcha Collagen
    2. Eat:  Use collagen peptides in your smoothies instead of protein powder or in coffee with steamed almond milk!

  3. Omega 3s – promote skin integrity, keeping our skin plump and moisturised even in the dry heat.  In fact, dry skin can be a sign of omega 3 deficiency.  Aim to eat cold water fish like Wild Salmon at least 2x/week and take omega 3 supplements.

    1. Eat: for sustainable fish delivered to your door. No need to question the source or quality!  
    2. Supplement:  Big fan of Nordic Naturals over here. Vegan?  No problem.  Where do you think the fish get their omegas from?  Algae!  Try their Algae Omegas!  

  4. Carotenoids (beta carotene) – This is the antioxidant found in orange fruits and vegetables and fun fact, it keeps your skin healthy by acting as a natural sunblock! When consumed, these nutrients protect your skin and cells from sunburn, damage and wrinkles. Hummus and carrots?  Yes please! 

    1. Eat:  Sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges, cantaloupe
    2. Try: Drunk Elephant Body Butter – beta carotene is only one of the many plant-derived antioxidants used here to help your skin look it’s best!

  5. Water:  I couldn’t let an opportunity to advocate for hydration pass (literally my fav tip).  For healthy skin, and healthy everything, drink water.  Every. Damn. Day!  Research doesn’t directly say it will hydrate your skin however it supports the entire body and when you treat your body well your skin glows.   How much?  64 – 80 oz/day. Boom that’s it!

    1. Eat:  Watermelon!  It is more than 90% water, go on eat your way to hydration!
    2. Try: LMNT especially during hot summer days or sweaty workouts!  The perfect ratio of electrolytes to improve hydration and performance without any of the junk.