Summertime Essentials at Home and on the Road

It’s officially summer, which often means increased travel and a lot less consistency. We know what you’re thinking… “How will I stay on track?!” That’s why we’re sharing our weekend bag essentials list with you, so you won’t miss a beat when you’re on the road and on the go. And for those days/weeks you are at home, remember that summer is the perfect time to take advantage of local produce. We’ve been enjoying the abundance of seasonal fruits and veggies available at our local farmer’s markets and don’t want you to miss out on these flavors! Check out what’s in our most recent hauls and start filling your own basket!

What’s in our bag? Meet our weekend warriors:

  1. A big a*$ water bottle because we all know hydration is key, but meeting 80-100 oz/day is hard. Currently loving the Owala water bottle. Leak proof and comes in cool colors too.
    • Fave water enhancers: apple cider vinegar (ACV) & electrolytes
      • Research shows ACV helps balance blood sugar when consumed before meals and may be linked to weight loss. 1-2 tbsp/day should do!
      Enhance hydration with electrolyte packets–we love Cure or LMNT.
      Feeling bloated? Sip Dandelion Root tea (yes, we travel with tea bags)
  2. Snacks: Don’t leave home without them
    Jerky: The New Primal & Chomps are staples for us
    BTR Nation Bars: Protein & fiber without the junk (Use code REALNUTRITION to save 15%!)
    Edamame Snacks: Complete plant based protein, savory, not sweet.
  3. Workout set & sneakers so you’re ready to spring into action
    • When traveling, there is no better way to explore than to run or walk the surrounding neighborhoods.
    Workout apps for on-the-go classes
    • Peloton is our #1–perfect for hotel gyms or outdoor too
    • Form by Sami Clarke
    • Pamela Reif on YouTube
  4. Supplements:
    • Bloating & digestion supplements from Hilma: prevent bloat & aid digestion
    • Probiotics: boosts your immunity and regularity
    • Magnesium: helps you sleep and helps you “go” when traveling
    • Collagen from Further Food: take it once a day to improve your hair, skin, nail, and joint health! (Use code REALNUTRITION15 to save 15%!)

Our Favorite Farmer’s Market Produce (right now):

  • Snap Peas → sweet and crunchy, raw or sautéed, snack them on their own–perfect for on the go!
  • Strawberries → they literally taste like candy loaded with vitamin C!
  • Garlic Scapes → more mild than garlic cloves, sauté or make garlic scape pesto… yum!
  • Tomatoes → all shapes and sizes, and, again, they taste like candy!

Keep crushing your nutrition goals and, as always, feel free to email or DM us