Staying Healthy While Staying Home

Staying Healthy While Staying Home

Well it isn’t news that we’re in uncharted territory right now with the immediate future unknown and our daily routines out of whack.  We’re uncertain, we’re emotional, and if we’re being honest we lack a sense of control. In times like this I like to focus on what I do have control over like what I eat, my behavior around food, and how I choose to serve my body. Now that we are settling into our “new normal” lets get real about how to move forward in the healthiest way during this time, so that when this quarantine is over- and it will be over– we’ll all emerge feeling good.

Food/Snacking/Habits: As always, set a healthy mindset but make realistic goals. Right now might not be the time to focus on dropping those last 10 lbs, but instead you might focus on maintaining your current weight and preventing additional weight gain.  We recommend setting a schedule and sticking to it. Sure you might have 24- hour access to the kitchen right now, but that doesn’t make it a free-for-all. Adhering to 3 meals and one afternoon snack provides structure, and in the end prevents weight gain.  Enjoy your meals then “close the kitchen” and work in another room if you can.   
What should you have on hand? 
• Do the best you can with fresh produce- stock up on those that last like cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, peppers and add in some frozen fruits and veggies as back up. 
• Eggs are great and last awhile.
• Frozen shrimp are a seafood hack I’m all about! They defrost and cook quickly too.
• Bean based pastas allow for one pot quick balanced meals.
• Canned foods rule too especially tuna, sardines, wild salmon, beans and palmini!  Pro tip: even if you buy the low sodium or salt free options, most canned foods have added citric acid as preservative, which is technically salt-based. Always rinse your canned food in a colander before serving to get rid of excess sodium. 

Alcohol: I’m not going to recommend abstaining from alcohol, however, it’s important to drink responsibly and to not create habits that will be tough to break once quarantine is over.  We also love that glass of wine while cooking and are huge fans of a zoom happy hour with friends (we miss our friends, too!). But, don’t forget that proper drinking etiquette still counts. Match every cocktail with a glass of water, skip the sugary mixers, don’t drink on an empty stomach and try to keep your drinks in the single digits (<10/week).  

Get dressed: Get up as normal, shower, run a brush through your hair, put pants on that aren’t stretchy and do your best to look as presentable as you can. This will put you in your normal work mindset and hey maybe even lift your spirits.  We are fans of the “wear your jeans” club as they are an easy reminder and tool to monitor your mindless munching. Yes leggings are comfortable, but jeans are your wake up call. 

Work out:
Nope, lockdown isn’t an excuse to skip your workouts and thanks to so many different fitness studios and instructors working out is more accessible than ever!  From zoom lifting sessions to streaming classes and workouts ranging from 15 minutes to over an hour you can find what you are craving and fit it in every damn day if you want!  We recommend scheduling your workout like you do any other meeting. Make it a date, write it down, and commit to a time that works for you. If you’re having trouble finding workouts that speak to you, try some of our favorites: Obe, Melissa Wood Health, TheClass, SculptSociety by Megan Roup, Tracy Anderson, Torch’ed by Isaac Boots Instagram Live every day at 11am (@isaacbots). Yes, we’ve tried them all!

Now go get them team!  Get up, put on those jeans, schedule your workout and take it one day at a time.  We are here if you need us so give a call, send us a DM on insta or schedule an appointment.  We are in this together and if left up to us, we are going to come out stronger than ever.