Spring Clean Your Diet

Feel like you need to spring clean your diet along with your closet this year?  We hear you! Say goodbye to comfort food and hello to ingredients that are light, bright and energizing.  Whether you are feeling puffy, sleepy, stressed or bored our Spring Reset Tips will have you feeling better in no time.  No cleansing, crash dieting or starving required.  Just simple tips to help you debloat, nourish and get ready for summer.  

  1. Put down the packaged snack foods and fill up your crisper drawers.  Fresh whole food ingredients fuel your body, fill you up with natural fiber, keep you hydrated, plump your skin and digest easily (see ya bloat).  They are also void of sodium, added sugars, additives and artificial sweeteners/colors.  

    a. Seasonal favs:  snap peas, radishes, all the leafy greens, spring onions, asparagus, carrots!

  2. Lighten up your breakfast. Carbs have a way of calling when it’s cold but with warmer weather, we recommend protein to start your day. Research shows starting your day with protein leads to fewer cravings, decreased hunger and often a clearer head. And if weight loss is your goal it helps with this too.

    a. Breakfast favs: Eggs any style (with yolks but hold the cheese), plant-filled smoothie, unsweetened Greek or plant-based yogurt with fresh berries, chia seed pudding with pomegranate seeds and cacao powder.

  3. Consider your alcohol. If you drink, consider cutting back or lightening up. Swap your daily covid cocktail a few days a week with sparkling tea, kombucha or water with fruit or exchange that full-bodied red wine for a vodka soda or tequila on the rocks (drink water between orders!). You’ll give your liver a rest and you’ll catch a break on sugar and calories too.

    a. Drink favs: vodka with flavored seltzers, tequila with fresh lime juice on ice, clean wines or mocktails without sugar!

  4. Get outside. Working from home makes this harder for most of us but it’s time to start moving again. Think about building outside breaks into your day so the sun can hit your face, your lungs can fill with fresh air and your legs can take some steps. Swap that afternoon cup of coffee for a walk around the block and your energy will soar!

    a. Outside favs: walking with a friend! listen to a podcast, 15-minute interval run, hike, bike, breathe.

  5. Quit couch snacking. Set a “cut-off point” for eating roughly 2 – 3 hours before you go to sleep. This will improve your sleep quality, limit excess calories, decrease bloating and improve digestion. By this point in the day you are fully nourished, now you are just eating to eat. Sip tea, water, seltzer or brush your teeth and hit the sack. We bet you could use some extra zzzzzs about now.

    a. Tea Favs: We sip on calming teas that promote sleep and digestion, hold the caffeine. Lemon Balm, Yogi Detox Tea, Peppermint, Fennel and Valerian Root are some of our “go-tos”.