Solaray Liposomal Vitamin

As a health and wellness practitioner, I’m excited that more people are starting to pay careful attention to their overall health and wellbeing. Still, many Americans’ eating habits have become less healthy compared to those 20 years ago. 

There are many factors that make maintaining a healthy diet more difficult than it should be, including food shortages and accessibility, confusing media messaging, false claims and the depletion of minerals in our soil and therefore in the food we consume.  

Even if we are eating a balanced diet, we often still lack certain nutrients. In fact, approximately 92% of all Americans have at least one vitamin or mineral deficiency!  As a lifestyle-focused dietitian, I believe in food first but I’m not afraid to admit, sometimes food alone is not enough to meet most of our nutrition needs and goals. 

This is why I am so excited to stand by Solaray on their “Food Is Not Enough” (FINE) campaign! 

With all the brands out there, why Solaray?  I’m pretty picky so you can bet I did my research! Solaray clearly fits all of my criteria.  They are one of the “OG” vitamin, mineral and supplement brands. Since 1973, they have created  award-winning product innovations and have stringent in-house testing protocols (very important!).  I also love that they have a true commitment to environmental sustainability and are focused on the needs of today’s consumer.   

I personally take their supplements and am still blown away by the fact that in just one serving of their Magnesium Glycinate (a must before bed) I am getting the equivalent of that found in 50 cups of kale (even I could never eat that much kale in a day)!  And as a dairy free individual, I take my daily Solaray Mycrobiome Women’s Probiotic and know that I’m getting the equivalent of 50 cups of Greek yogurt in digestive support.  Wow, right?  See where I am coming from?  

That’s not all.  Inspired by their Food Is Not Enough  campaign and the reality that we may not absorb all the nutrients we need through food or traditional vitamins, Solaray has just launched a game-changing line of four Liposomal Multivitamins: Universal, Women’s, Women’s 50+ and Men’s.  These vitamins contain over 30 nutrients with at least 18 vitamins and minerals at or over 100% of the Daily Value to keep us feeling and performing our best.  

What’s also incredibly cool is that the vitamins are designed to efficiently deliver and enhance absorption**  Instead of delivering liposomes in the traditional liquid format, its proprietary approach dehydrates them into a powder, which better stabilizes the nutrients. 

Why is this important?  The liposome carries and protects the active nutrients in the capsule through the digestive tract, helping them survive stomach acid to reach  the intestines, where they can be absorbed by our cells.  

I also really love that the Liposomal Multivitamins not only support overall wellness but they target important health concerns including immunity, bone health, antioxidant support and beauty.  Causes I’m always talking to my clients about. 

While our primary source of nutrients should and do come from foods that are healthy, fun, colorful, and delicious, you know as well as I do that we don’t always have enough variety (same salad for lunch everyday sound familiar?), quantity and quality we should.  This is why I recommend including a clean, high-quality, expert-backed vitamin and mineral supplement to your daily routine ensuring that we feel our very best because we deserve it! 

 Here is how we take it: Take one serving of Solaray Liposomal Multivitamins daily with food, we take it with breakfast. I also take my Solaray Mycrobiome Women’s Probiotic at the same time.  Batch your vitamins so you don’t forget to take them!  

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As always, before you take any form of supplements, talk to your dietitian or healthcare provider for further advice. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

**Based on clinical studies on Vitamin C and B12 by Cellg8® (a registered trademark of CELLg8®)