Six Foundermade favorites

Six Foundermade Favorites


We recently attended the The Foundermade Consumer Discovery Show which a well-edited list of up and coming brands in the food, beverage and beauty sector. For our June favorites, we’re highlighting the best of the brands we saw and encourage you to check them out!

Lesser Evil – Popcorn is a great low-cal, high fiber snack that fills you up without filling you out.  I’ve been a huge fan Lesser Evil because they prioritize high-quality ingredients – believe me, you can tell.  Our family “go-to” is their original himalayan sea salt, but at the show we tried their new No Grain, “No cheese” Cheesiness Puffs and were quite impressed. Paleo and Whole30 approved!

Tonic – I was excited to see so many brands using collagen in their products, and Tonic was one that definitely stood out. They understand that there isn’t a one size fits all solution and have developed different types of collagen products depending on your needs. Their traditional formula is great to add into your routine everyday, while the Gym and Tonic focus on joint and muscle recovery post-workout (yes please!) and The Beauty Tonic uses collagen that supports hair, skin and nail health. I’m excited to try all three!

Tosi – Clean. Tasty. Satisfying. Not too sweet.  Crunchy. The list goes on and I’ve been a fan of Tosi for some time now.  Their SuperBites, a superfood snack on the go, are my fav specifically the Almond and Cashew flavors (but they are all fair game).  I’m pretty picky when I recommend “bars” but with their low-sugar, high protein, omegas and fiber (not to mention taste!) these make the cut for travel or that late-afternoon pick-me-up.

LivOn Labs Lypo-spheric Vitamins – At this point you already know that not all supplements are created equal. LivOn Labs uses Liposomal Encapsulation, which means your cells easily absorb these nutrients just like they do fatty acids so they go right into the cells (this is the quick and dirty summary, see more on their website).  No taste, no pills. Just add it to a bit of juice or water and down the hatch. I’m a big fan of their vitamin C and take that right before any flight for an immunity boost!!

SOOM – While this brand has been working in the restaurant industry for years, they are new to the consumer market which is very exciting! Who doesn’t love tahini?  Made from sesame seeds they provide so many nutrients including magnesium (think sleep, muscle relaxation, regularity), methionine helps the liver to detox, great source of calcium and has more protein than nuts (see ya peanut butter!).  I’m especially into their Chocolate spread, made with sesame and cocoa. It’s like Nutella, but better!

Creation Nation – Sure, you can make your own protein bars – but who really has the time? Creation Nation has developed a no-bake mix that takes the guesswork out of making fresh, high-quality protein bars and bites. For those who want something different than a protein shake, this is the perfect solution.