“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Amy! As of today, I’m down 25 pounds! Still following your eating plan for me. Feel great. Look great.”


“I had my A1C level tested last week and it came back at 5.2! Thank you so much for your advice which totally worked for me.  Hope that I can keep out at this level.”

Gail M.

“Off to Le Bernardin to celebrate our 36th anniversary at the same weight as when I got married! Crushed the 125 goal. Now just need to hold on to the great structure and modifications you gave me. I can and I will!”

Amy P.

“I couldn’t have done it without you. Motivation is important, but so is strategy.”


“FYI…almost 7lbs down! Staying motivated and feeling empowered by the control. Tonight, Melissa Clark’s salmon with anchovy-garlic butter (just a little) over spinach. Thanks so much for your guidance.”


“Good news is that not only did I not gain weight on vacation I lost my next ~5 too, coming in at 136 🙂 Thank you SO much again for everything. I’ve never felt healthier and I got back so much of the confidence that I lost after college and more”


“Thanks again for all your great info and the attached sheet and product reccs are so helpful. I love the Mary’s gone crackers and the sprouted sunflower seeds you recommended! I’m sure I’ll have some questions once we get back from vacation. Thanks again Amy! I’ve learned so much just from our two sessions :)”

Andrea F.

“Amy held a very informative presentation on “Surviving the Lunchtime Blues” to my administrative staff. She helped put to rest some common myths and shared suggestions on how to prepare a healthy lunch if you are brown bagging it, healthy alternatives when eating out and helpful tips for everyone to ponder.”

Stephanie Litfin

“Amy helped me find the grey area between deprivation dieting and binge eating. She not only changed my perspective on eating, she also gave me tailored meal and snack plans that fit my busy travel schedule! Working with Amy has truly changed my body!”

Megan R.

“I owe you a HUGE THANK YOU, my eating habits have COMPLETELY changed since i met you! I never overeat, I eat small meals throughout the day and I make such healthy decisions. I feel GREAT, definitely look different and feel super comfy in my size jeans:-)”

Rachel C.

“From prepping for my wedding to endless work travel to IVF and beyond, Amy has been with me every step of the way. With her help, I’ve lost weight — without juice cleanses or starvation — and built up my arsenal of simple, healthy eating strategies. Amy’s approach is pragmatic and based in the real world.”

Happy Brooklynite

“I started off with the specific goal of losing 10-12 lbs without drastically changing my lifestyle and with the goal of helping to manage constant acid reflux. Amy developed an easy to follow program that allowed me to alter my eating habits without drastically changing my lifestyle. I initially lost 14 lbs and have been able to maintain my desired weight since and issues as a result of my reflux have greatly improved.”

Josh – Realtor

“The time I spent with you has been invaluable and I want to thank you again! I have not been sick all winter and I think eating more organic and higher quality foods have helped as well as making smarter nutritional choices.”

Jeanne S.

“Amy helped me lose my last 10 lbs in just 3 weeks by creating a customized eating plan tailored to my personal likes, dislikes, body type and lifestyle. Unlike diets I have tried in the past, I never felt deprived or hungry!”

Selene K.

“I have 6 days before my daughters wedding and I am a size 6 and look great! Thanks for setting me in the right direction.”

Fran R.

“Amy really is a rockstar! She is honest and provides constructive, supportive feedback. She always has fun tips & recipes to share, and has opened my eyes up to a creative and delicious way of living.”

Marci S.