September = Back to School, Back to Structure

Wake me up when September ends! Who feels me? During hectic times it’s easy to throw in the towel or wait for another moment to get started (or re-started) on your nutrition goals. I know from years of experience and from counseling clients that that won’t help and it often just makes things harder.  

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite strategies I use when I’m short on time but want to feel great and function at a high level. “Back to School” is the perfect time to get back on track (consider it your new year before the new year). Practice these low lift but very effective behaviors and feel great today, don’t wait for tomorrow.  (Not rocket science, just solid nutrition advice and strategies that work. 🙂)

  1.  Fill your fridge:  An empty fridge can lead to trouble especially when you are stressed.  Take a few minutes to grab even a few everyday basics (veggies-fresh or frozen, eggs, yogurt, fruit, almond butter, avocado, and seaweed are ours) or place an online order.  This will set you up for a few healthy meals and snacks throughout the week so you don’t have to depend on takeout.  Home cooking is ALWAYS healthier.

  2. Buy that water bottle:  We might sound like a broken record but when it comes to hydration it’s the easiest and most effective nutrition tip that YOU ARE NOT DOING!  A new water bottle is very motivating, the bigger the better in our minds.  Aim for 80 – 100 oz/day! 

  3. Take a break from the booze:  If you drink alcohol it’s time to put down the cocktail and reach for that mocktail.  Give your liver a rest and watch your nutrition results soar.  Our favorite alternatives include: sparkling water with a splash of ACV or hot tea at night. 

  4. Take a walk:  Research shows that even just 2 minutes of walking after your meals will help to increase longevity and manage blood sugar levels.  TWO MINUTES, yes you can.

  5. Keep a food journal:  This is the most effective tool for any nutrition goal from weight loss to digestive issues.  Write it down, type it out, take photos, it really doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it.  Holding yourself accountable truly helps to keep you in line.  

  6. Hire a professional:  If you don’t have time to keep yourself in check, we’ll do it for you.  Accountability and support along with easy and realistic food solutions to fit your life, no matter how crazy because we’ve been there and we get it.