Secret ingredient alert: Rice cakes!

They may feel totally “80’s” but I bet they have more uses than you’ve considered. They have an awesome crunch, are gluten-free, and are low in calories.

Avocado toast on a rice cake? Yum, pass the sea salt, please!

Lox & cream cheese? It’s one way to avoid the NYC bagel calorie bombs I recently spoke of.

And easy alternative to bread. Sweet. Savory. Snackable. Lunchable.

Set yourself up for success by keeping rice cakes on hand. I do!

Tell me: What’s your favorite rice cake recipe? 

Secret Ingredient, rice cakes!

And one more thing I always have on hand are rice cakes. 

Rice cakes are great, they’re crunchy, kids love them, I love them…You can spread cheese on it…You could put cream cheese and lox on it…You can also put peanut butter on it. 

They’re so versatile and they act as a vehicle for whatever you feel like eating…avocado toast and a rice cake? Delicious, just add salt!