Road Trip Travel Hacks – Healthy Habits on the Go

Amy Shapiro Healthy Road Trip HAck

This summer, more than ever before, I find myself talking to clients about how to survive road trips while staying healthy and on your wellness game.  Whether you are headed to the beach, to a friend’s or on a week-long road trip, these tips will keep you balanced, healthy, satisfied and sane!

  1. Avoid fast food: Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean you need to eat it! Take your time and dig a little. Even at the dingiest of rest stops, you can likely find a healthy option as long as you commit to the search. What to look out for:
    • Starbucks – If you can’t find one at a rest stop, do a quick google search. I love the Protein Boxes, Egg Bites, Perfect Bars, coffee or tea ( go ahead and get a latte, just skip the sugar and whipped cream), avocado packets, string cheese. Traveling with kids?  Bantam Bagel Bites for the win!
    • Check in with yourself – Your family might be grabbing food but are you truly hungry? If not, get a beverage (seltzer, water, iced tea) and wait until your next meal. If it is meal time, make healthy edits and find your best bets. Generally speaking I suggest the following: avoid fried food, take off the top bun of any sandwich/burger situation, skip the cheese, add veggies if you can, don’t eat off your kids plates and never say “f@#k it”.  This is why we pack our stash of veggies, just in case you can’t find anything (I’ve been there, it happens) you can enjoy these and wait until you find something else.
  2. Pack your snacks:  In my mind this applies to everyday, but especially when hitting the road. Trust me, do not leave this to chance. Some of my staples include:
    • Produce – Cut up fruits and veggies in Stasher Bags or grab a salad to-go from your favorite salad spot, they travel well. 
    • Nuts/Seeds – Trail-mix (hold the dried fruit and portion before you start snacking), Pistachios, Sunflower seeds. Nut butter packets (favorites are 88 Acres or RX Bar) are great to spread on crackers or eat right out of the package.
    • Crunchy/Salty – Popcorn (pop your own or bring SkinnyPop along), Mary’s Gone Crackers, Simple Mills and Dried Edamame are all nutrient-rich and filling.
    • Savory/Protein Based – I love Jerky and Biltong because a little goes a long way. Other favorites include hard boiled eggs (smelly but satisfying), portioned cheeses like string cheese and Babybel and travel packs of olives and pickles.
    • Lollipops – We are all human and sometimes you just want to eat for the sake of it. Lollipops are a great tool, last a long time, usually are about 60 calories and are just pure fun for the passengers and the driver. Sure, go organic but I’ll admit my kids dig Tootsie Pops (so sue me!)
  3. When you arrive: Visit a local supermarket or farm stand and restock on the goods you finished. Fill your current spot with healthy go-to items, like quick breakfasts, fresh fruit and veg, scope out the menus of nearby restaurants (outside of course!), down a huge glass of water now that you can pee whenever you need to and stretch those legs.

Remember you still have an entire trip ahead of you so don’t blow it on the drive, you want to enjoy the entire journey!