The Right Way to Take Apple Cider Vinegar!

I saw a knowledgeable fitness influencer—whom I love—suggest apple cider vinegar shots. Yes, I said shots…And I cringed.

So should we talk about Apple Cider Vinegar?

Because when you don’t dilute your apple cider vinegar, you avoid health benefits and end up burning your throat or feelings of heartburn/reflux. No, thank you!

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about the work I do is that there’s a lot of competing information out there.

You hear apple cider vinegar is good for you. Then, you hear it isn’t. (It is.) I recommend taking a teaspoon—work up to a tablespoon—diluted in 8 oz in water, 30 minutes prior a meal that contains carbohydrates to aid in metabolizing them. This helps to balance blood sugar levels 😉

Pro-tip: it must contain “The Mother,” to be beneficial.

You see: I don’t want you wasting time on trends that do more harm than good because you’re confused by what you see on Instagram. That’s why I educate my clients and custom-create plans to remove the guesswork. Who has the time or money to waste chasing what might work for you? Let’s get down to what WILL work for you.

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And let me know if this reel will change how you take apple cider vinegar.

I have been adding apple cider vinegar to my water forever and now it is everywhere. What’s great about Apple Cider Vinegar is it has the mother in it. So if you’re buying a brand, don’t just buy any make sure it says with the mother. That means it’s fermented and when you eat or drink fermented food, it helps to balance your digestion and vinegar helps to manage your blood sugar level and helps maintain your blood sugar after eating carbohydrates.

So I would usually recommend taking this diluted in water, at least eight ounces about a teaspoon and I work up to a tablespoon before you eat a meal that contains carbohydrates…carbs are not bad, but this will help you to metabolize them.

What you shouldn’t do is take the shot by itself which can really ruin your esophagus you do not want to do that and create acid reflux.