Real Nutrition’s Non-Food Holiday Survival Guide

We know it’s holiday season and you’ve likely read articles upon articles on healthier recipes and how to navigate holiday parties (heck, we have some coming out in some of your favorite outlets, too). Let’s move on from that shall we? Today we want to fill you in on a few “non-food” items we are obsessed with, travel with and cherish during this hectic time of year. From immunity, to convenience, to plain old hydration, these tips all fit through security or into your favorite bag anytime. So whether your plans involve a vacation or a staycation, we’ve got you.  

Magnesium Glycinate – You need sleep to keep your endurance up for the holiday marathon. If you find yourself restless once you dive into the sheets, we are big fans of magnesium glycinate which helps relax your nervous system to support your body in bringing on sleep. We recommend starting with 200-400 mg 30 minutes before bed — this usually does the trick.  

Stasher Bags – Our favorite way to snack smart for your body and the planet! Don’t leave home without a stasher bag filled with fresh veggies or fruit, and then take our challenge to finish your stash before dipping into all those holiday treats.  Dishwasher safe to boot!!!

Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is always a must, and this collapsible water bottle makes both hydration and travel easy! We recommend guzzling 80 – 90 oz of H20 daily to promote glowing skin, decreased cravings and an extra dose of energy!

Elderberry Syrup – Stress, late nights, alcohol, sweets and germs all wreak havoc on your immune system. Give yourself a boost! Elderberry syrup is bursting with antioxidants which can help with immune support during this busy time of year. Once you feel a tickle in your throat, take one teaspoon up to 3x/day and cut the duration of your cold in half. Kid-friendly and tastes great too!

Sauna Blanket –  Want to sweat and chill? We recommend spending time in an infrared sauna. It is one of our favorite ways to detox, sweat, heal and repair, all at the same time. We get it, getting to the sauna can be the tough part — so why not try the Higher Dose sauna blanket and sweat from your own home? I can speak from experience, I’m obsessed. Makes a great gift too!