Post-Summer Hacks to Get Back on Track

Summer is officially over and most of us are back to the office, back to school, and back to reality. This makes September the perfect time to check in with yourself to reboot and refuel (strong bodies fight off back-to-school germs!). I know, for me, I look forward to a more organized schedule, some structure, and the motivation to cook more, drink less, and get my sweat on. We hear this from a lot of clients too. So if you are feeling similar, you’re in good company. No need to go at this alone, read on to enjoy some of the health hacks we’ll be practicing along with our clients to get back on track but without missing any of the fun.

Cutting back on alcohol: A glass of wine (or two) at dinner, or a cocktail at the beach with friends and family is the summer vibe many of us know and love. However, these glasses add up and often leave you bloated, tired, and unmotivated. Fall is the perfect time to scale back on your drinks. Some of our easy transition recommendations include: not drinking at home, skip it all together (we like tea), give yourself a drink limit number for the week (we recommend <5), or at the very least switch to a lower sugar option like tequila, gin, or vodka mixed with club soda.

Cooking more at home: We’re all for picnics, BBQs, delivery, and incredible dinner reservations but it is harder to control what’s in your food when you are not the one preparing it. Cooking at home gives you control over not just portion size but also the quality of ingredients (we’re looking at your seed oils, excess salt, fat, and sugar). If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by filling your freezer, fridge, and cabinets with easy mix-and-match ingredients. Our staples include: fresh fruits and vegetables, organic milk/non-dairy milk, organic cheese/yogurt, lean proteins (chicken, beef, pork, seafood, tofu, tempeh, eggs), whole grains, whole wheat pasta, nuts/seeds/nut butters and oil and vinegar.

Adding detox drops to water: Sometimes we like to be a little bit “extra” and that calls for leveling up our water (which you should be drinking a lot of BTW) by adding Juna Detox Drops! The three key ingredients here are chlorophyll, mint, and lemon. Chlorophyll is an antioxidant and a potent source of detoxification that promotes energy, boosts metabolism, and removes waste from the body. Mint calms digestive issues and reduces oxidative stress and lemon encourages the removal of toxins from the body and helps to restore your liver. Not to mention it turns your water our favorite color green and is easy to sip on the run! Try it here with our code enter blank at checkout.

Limiting sugar and desserts: Frozen yogurt, ice cream & s’mores are some of our clients’ favorite summertime indulgences. Come fall we recommend reigning it back in. Sure a sweet treat here or there is always on our plan but for a daily indulgence we suggest a whole food treat that comes in under 100 calories. Just enough to enjoy but not enough to get in your way. Our favs: Goodpops, TruFru, Dark Chocolate, fresh fruit, and of course tea.

Get back to routine with these healthy tips that make meeting nutrition goals “doable” instead of “demanding”. With healthy hacks in your back pocket, we know you’ll feel more confident, energetic, and focused back at work and/or school!