Our Favorite Tools To Keep2024 As Healthy As Ever

Three weeks of January are already over and done. This is the final push for many who are completing New Year resolutions for 30 days (Whole30, Dry January to name a few).  Bravo to those of you who are still at it, truly this is a huge accomplishment as research shows 43% of resolutioners give up by the end of January.  

While we don’t believe in sprinting to the finish line, we do recognize that having a few tools in your toolbox helps especially when they are effective, build on healthy habits, easy to use, and delicious of course. We’ve listed some of our “go-to” nutrition tools below, if you don’t already use them we highly recommend you do! 

Let’s keep this healthy lifestyle going all year long!  We want to hear about your accomplishments so please share!  DM us or send us an email.  We are here for you!

Further Food Collagen Peptides: You know we love adding collagen to our coffee. Protein is all the rage. Why not add a quick 7-9 grams to start your day, right? (REALNUTRITION15 for 15% off)

Hilma: No one enjoys feeling bloated, from healthy food (we see you cauliflower) or a big heavy meal. This helps, no lie! (REALNUTRITION20 for 20% off!)

BTR Nation: Our clients know an afternoon snack is a must. We love these protein-rich, low-sugar, clean bars that are <200 calories.  Enjoy with tea, even better! (REALNUTRITION for 15% off)

Juna Drops: Add a few droppers of this to your water midday to get a boost of energy and nourishment while supporting your natural detoxification processes. (REALNUTRITION for 10% off)

Real Nutrition Real Reset: Tired of your recipes, want to take your healthy eating to the next level, or ready to feel kick a$$ just because? You’ll love this program we created: 25+ recipes, a detailed meal plan, whole foods only, and easy to follow, this program is for you!

Cheers to a healthy 2024, let’s crush January and kick off February confident to keep going!