Our Favorite Fall Reset Tips!

I call early Fall the warm up to New Years in terms of fresh starts, goal setting and nutritional resets. You know that feeling after a more relaxed summer, a desire to clean out your closet, your pantry and your plate suddenly creeps to the forefront of your mind. Embrace this new energy and use it to your advantage.  As you crave structure, you can begin tightening up your routines swapping wine for water, bbqs for home cooked meals and lounge chairs for workout shoes. In case you feel the itch but you don’t know where to start check out my five favorite hacks to rebooting this Fall and feel fabulous in no time! Are you ready? We thought so!

  1. Decrease the Drinks – Summer time often means boozy weekends, weeknights and even Sundays!   Fall is the perfect time to pull back a bit.  Easy rules we recommend include limiting your drinks to 4-7/week or practice no drinking at home (no matter how hard the day was!).

  2. Double down on fresh veggies – Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (to fight any sun damage!), water, fiber and flavor lean heavily on this food group to promote feelings of fullness without overindulging.  Incorporating them at every meal, every day is a good place to start.

  3. Make a meal plan for the week (or at least have an idea) – Leaving meal prep for later in the day or after work often leads to ordering in.  Take a moment over the weekend to plan out your week then place an on-line order, hit the farmers market and fill your fridge.  Being prepared is half the battle.

  4. Get friendly with your freezer – Short on time?  No problem, with a stocked freezer you’ll always be in business.  Frozen fruits and veggies are just as fresh and super easy to build a meal around.  Consider frozen meals like Daily Harvest, frozen proteins like turkey burgers and seafood and you’ll have a meal in no time, for less money, too!

  5. Add a little extra – Consider dry brushing before your shower, oil pulling in the morning, an infrared sauna moment or adding powerful herbs like Dandelion to your morning lemon water.  The research behind these practices are still fairly light, however self care moments like these really do make you feel…well just a little bit extra and you deserve that!