Mommy snacks to pack in your diaper bag

Mommy Snacks to Pack in your Diaper Bag


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Being a healthy, on the go mom can seem like an impossible feat. Trust me, I know. But it doesn’t have to be difficult! On those day when you have too many things to do, and not enough time to eat, it is helpful to have healthy snacks on hand. If they can fit in a diaper bag, that’s even better! Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite snacks to pack in your diaper bag. These are healthy, filling, and easy to eat so you can take care of your baby while also taking care of yourself. Added bonus, once your child/children can eat solids, these snacks are all natural and safe for your troops too (allergies aside)!

1.     Chia Health Warrior Bar: If you need to keep your energy up during the day, these bars can be your go-to snack. They are small but mighty, coming in at just 100 calories!  Thanks to their main ingredient (chia!) they’ll keep you full for hours as long as you enjoy them with a glass of water (or iced coffee if that’s your thing!)

2.      RX Bars: Protein bars without any BS ingredients are hard to find, but that’s why I love RX Bars so much. They are made with simple ingredients, plainly listed on the front of each bar, and come in a variety of delicious flavors to form the perfect pick-me-up or meal substitute in a pinch.

3.     Hard Boiled Eggs: These little protein bombs are easy to carry around and SO good for you! You can make a ton of them at a time, so they are not only cost-effective, but also time efficient. And if cooking isn’t your thing, they can now be found at many fast food restaurants and corner delis for an even quicker fix!

4.     Fruit: I always have an apple or Clementine on hand, and on hot days I LOVE to snack on frozen grapes or cherries! An easy way to get some energy and cool off? Count me in.

5.     Individual packs of nuts: You can buy single servings of nuts like the ones from Emerald Nutsor from Trader Joes (already portioned) for a quick protein and heart healthy snack. Stuff some of these in your diaper bag before you leave the house to stave off cravings throughout the day.  Best part is that they won’t go bad, so if you find them a few weeks later, dig in!

6.     Babybel Cheese: If you want some on-the-go cheese made with 100% real milk, Babybel is the cheese to eat. Babybel cheese comes in snackable, easy to open wheels for easy access and portion control.

7.     Jerky: Jerky tends to be low in sugar and high in protein, which makes it the perfect snack for meat-loving, on the go moms. Keep an eye out for turkey jerky, which happens to be my personal favorite!

8.     Cut up veggies (or what I call ‘salad in a bag’): With a little preparation, you can have a healthy, wholesome snack that’s not only refreshing and low in calories, but filled with nutrients too.  Some of my summer favs: snap peas, peppers, cucumbers and radishes.

9.     Mary’s Gone Crackers: These delicious crackers are whole grain, organic, gluten free, and kosher! Plus, they have an amazing crunch and come in a bunch of delicious flavors. Remember, though, 8-13 crackers makes a serving!

10.  SkinnyPop: Popcorn done right is one of the healthiest snacks out there, and SkinnyPop definitely does it right! Low fat and no artificial flavoring makes this a great snack to pack in your diaper bag. And their 100 calorie bags makes watching portions a no brainer too!