Mom and Registered Dietitian Grocery Haul

How I restocked my fridge now that my kids are back from sleep away camp!

Reintroducing them to fresh fruits and veggies is my main priority! Keeping quick and healthy breakfasts on hand and healthy snacks available are key.

🫐 farmers market haul: for salads, smoothies and side dishes. They eat it if it’s there for them.
🥣 yogurt for quick protein in the AM, eggs (if I am home to make them) and whole grain/sourdough breads.
🥬 seaweed snacks bc they are delicious and loaded with minerals
🍫 Dark chocolate hits the spot or gets chopped up and added to waffles
🧇 waffle mix that I add collagen and flax to – they top it with fruit and whipped cream. Better than syrup IMO.

More to come, these were just the basics and in NYC the kids grab food with friends so we keep them healthy at home 👍

What’s in your fridge/pantry?

Need personalized shopping lists? We do that too. DM me with questions and hug those babies! They are BACK 💙🤍

Exactly How To Stock Your Kitchen So Your Teenagers Have Healthy Options- Mom and RD Grocery Haul

I’m a registered dietitian living and working in New York City and my kids were away at camp for seven weeks. They’re back now which means I need to load the fridge and pantry with some goodies because they need to eat. It’s been pretty empty.

The first thing I did is I went to the farmers market and I got lots of fresh fruits and veggies that I know they like, and then I went to Whole Foods and I picked up some essentials.

We’re going to be traveling again soon so we don’t need much, but I do need to make sure that they have food for breakfast and snacks so I got a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, some yogurts, and high protein ingredients and I’m going to put up a lot of fresh fruit because it gets out to eat it.