Make This March More Green!

Over here at Real Nutrition, we love March. Why? It’s the beginning of spring and March is National Nutrition Month! So, this makes March the perfect time to focus on easy ways to meet (or exceed) your vegetable needs and, of course, to start getting ready for Summer!

It’s actually SUPER easy to meet your vegetable goals. Generally speaking you want to aim for 5-9 servings per day. A serving size of vegetables equals:
    • 1 cup of raw vegetables or
    • ½ cup of cooked vegetables
*With the goal to incorporate 2 cups of veggies at 2 meals each day (at least)

Some of our favorite “more veggie” hacks include:
    • Start the day with a smoothie AND add frozen vegetables (our favorites are
      spinach or cauliflower)!
    • On the go, add a greens powder to a glass of water or to your smoothie.
    • Mid-day, consider a veggie-packed salad. Follow this equation to make it easy:
      greens + 3-4 other veggies + lean protein + healthy fat.
    • Salad not your thing? Make a batch of vegetable soup! It’s that easy.

Not a salad or soup person? How about a quick veggie dip?!
    • Add 2 cups of spinach to a blender with olive oil, dijon mustard, lemon, and
      seasonings of choice. Serve with crudité or whole grain crackers.

Still not convinced? Try a homemadeveggie-packed pasta sauce. Even the kiddos like this one!
    • Roast ½ cup broccoli, ½ cup bell peppers, ½ cup tomatoes and ½ cup onion in the
      oven, add to a blender with olive oil, garlic and your seasonings of choice and voila!

Trust us, we’re just getting started. Check out our monthly obsessions below and recipes on Instagram, or personalize your plate and sign up for a few 1:1 sessions.
Keep crushing your nutrition goals and, as always, feel free to email or DM us!