Is A Zero-Calorie Oreo Good For Your Diet?

So if weight loss is one of your goals or for your New Year’s resolutions, and you are trying to lose weight by cutting out sweets and therefore introducing things like this zero-calorie cookie. I’m going to tell you now that will not work – long term definitely not going to work. 

The reasons for this include one as your calorie cookie will absolutely not taste the way that you want it to taste. It will not taste like a real cookie. Therefore, you will not meet your cravings and you’ll continue to eat or look for other things that will satisfy that true sweet craving you’re looking for. In the end, you’ll overeat.

So in order to have a cookie that has zero calories, you have to have fake ingredients or ingredients that are really high in fiber or sugar alcohols. These will lead to gas bloating and diarrhea. So you may feel like you’re losing weight but really you will be bloated and you will feel crappy.

What I recommend is eating the sweet that you really want. So if you’re looking for a real cookie, eat one or two. If you want a piece of chocolate go for the real thing. I promise you if you eat the real thing, you’ll eat less overall.