How to satisfy your snack cravings without blowing your diet

How to Satisfy Your Snack Cravings Without Blowing Your Diet

For some of us, putting together a healthy meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be a breeze, but where we all seem to fall short is in the snack department. Let’s face it, we all snack at one point or another, and choosing between a bag of chips or carrot sticks to get through your afternoon slump is often futile (the chips win). However, you may be able to successfully swap your old snacks for new, healthier ones by thinking about what it is that drives your snacking. Are you craving something sweet? Or do you need a snack with a good crunch? Or maybe you are feeling like a mindless munch to get you through that project. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with our Real Nutrition NYC healthy snack swaps guaranteed to satisfy your next snack attack!


** This is a general list. We can help you personalize with our individualized consultations and meal plans. Contact for more info!

CrunchyMunchySweetThirst Quenchers
Apples w/ cinnamonSunflower or pumpkin seedsBaked appleAlmond milk (unsweetened)
Carrot and celery sticksAvocado on toast or crackersFrozen bananas or grapesGreen juice (all veg w/ lemon or lime)
Bell pepper sticksCherry or grape tomatoesFresh fruitLow sodium tomato juice
RadishesString cheese100 cal ice popsWater with citrus slices (ie orange, lemon)
PopcornPlain or low-fat yogurt with berriesLow-fat or fat-free unsweetened fruit yogurtIced green tea (unsweetened, try with mint and lemon wedge)
Gluten-free crackersUnsalted almonds, walnuts or other nutsDark chocolate (>70% cacao)Club soda with citrus slices