How to Not Ruin Your Healthy Diet Over Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away and for those of you who plan to give out candy or have a few of your own trick or treaters at home, we want you to be armed and ready to crush this holiday instead of crushing the candy basket! Let’s be honest, candy is delicious and fun but due to sugar’s addictive properties (yes there is science on this!), that one innocent piece of candy can quickly turn into ten…daily… and no, that isn’t part of our plan! We want to set you up for a healthy and festive holiday as always, in a realistic and easy way. So while you’re celebrating, keep these three tips in mind to stay on track no matter what comes your way!

1. DO NOT TRICK OR TREAT HUNGRY! — Yes, this is in all CAPS for a reason! Whether you are manning the door or out with your kids, do not do either of these activities on an empty stomach. I don’t care how fierce your willpower is — once hunger gets the best of you, no Snickers has a chance. So enjoy a light meal before you head out, have cut up veggies at the ready or pack a balanced snack in your costume pocket. Keeping your blood sugar balanced will keep you on point, no matter how late the night goes!  

2. Do Not Settle – We all have a favorite candy from our childhood, or a go-to sweet for when we really have a craving. For me, Hershey’s Nuggets are just perfection (gasp, milk chocolate, I know!). So if you plan on having a few pieces of candy, ONLY eat the ones you love. Don’t finish your kid’s half-eaten candy bar or eat whatever they give you. Hold out for your true favorites and stop there. No need to say no to all the fun, but we never recommend settling!

3. Stock up on Healthier Options — These days there are so many healthier candy options available that actually taste good and won’t leave you feeling like you missed out on all the fun.  So either opt to give these goodies out or have them stocked at home so you can enjoy something yummy while your kids go through their own treasures.

Some of our favorites:
Unreal – Simply put, these candies are not only delicious but better for you in so many ways.  They are filled with organic ingredients, are non-GMO, have no artificial food dyes, are fair-trade and they taste great too! We dig their new coconut candy that has only three ingredients…see ya Mounds!

Smart Sweets – A sweet gummy candy that is low in sugar, but won’t hurt your belly! Even my kids gobble these up and I’m cool with that! Move over Haribo! With natural coloring and gelatin free, these sweets are delicious. And yes, you can eat the whole bag for only 80 calories!  

Smash Mallows – We love these creative and delicious marshmallow bites for when an intense sweet craving hits. There are so many different flavors, so snack these out of the bag or toss into your coffee or hot chocolate. Yes they still have sugar, but they are organic and free of food dye, and that’s a big deal to us. 

Justin’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups –   We love Justin and all his products.  But…his mini PB cups really hit the spot! These peanut butter cups have clean ingredients, are environmentally friendly and are intense in flavor. We keep ours in the freezer to prevent over-eating! One or two mini cups usually does the trick.

See, we aren’t about deprivation over here at Real Nutrition. We just want to help you clean up your fun so you can feel great all day, every day no matter what comes your way! Yes, even candy is OK sometimes. 🙂