Healthier Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and we’re here for the festivities!  BUT…we want to make sure you’re prepared to take on the merriment guilt free!  While it’s perfectly okay to enjoy yourself this season (by all means PLEASE do!) we’re sharing our tried and true tips below on exactly how to participate in the holiday cheer without setting aside your health and wellness goals.  

  • Stay hydrated!
    • Regardless if you drink alcohol or not, drinking water is essential to good health! With busier schedules, more time on the go, and lots of get-togethers, it can be easy to forget to drink 8 glasses of water per day.  
    • Having a few cocktails? Alternate your drink with a glass of water and wake up ready to take on the world, not your bed!

  • Don’t show up to any holiday party hungry
    • Saving your calories will always backfire on you.  Instead, enjoy a balanced snack or meal a few hours before your event to fuel your body so you don’t have to rely only on party food or willpower to get you through the night.

  • Keep to your routine
    • We know you are busy but you can still find time for movement or nutrition goals! If your typical workout is tough to get to, walking or taking the stairs is an easy way to get exercise. As per usual, eat lots of veggies and try to include protein, fat, and carbs at every meal.  Meal prepping and food shopping helps!

  • Back on Track
    • If you decide to enjoy some sweets, sleep in or have some boozy nights this month, IT’S OKAY! No need for next-day punishment or bad feelings – all foods can fit into a balanced diet. Just remember, the very next time you eat, get back on plan.  Don’t let one night turn into a week of poor choices.  Back on track and you’re back in business.  Need motivation?  We can help with that!  

Happy holidays!!