Health Myth Busters of 2021

It’s January and you know what that means – New Year Resolutions. New Year, New You right? Well, that’s the hope for many. January 1st has a certain charm that despite dipping winter temps, shorter days and comfort food cravings, many of us are still determined to start off the year with a health kickAs much as I love helping my clients feel their best, there are some myths I find myself busting year after year as people try to find the quick fix, instant gratification and cleanse du jour to capture their new year’s motivation. The truth is feeling good and looking good takes work (I know, sorry!), it takes commitment and it takes consistency. Sure you might get fast results from cleanses/diets but, those results likely won’t last and you might find yourself back here next year with the same goal as today. Let’s not do that, we’ve been through enough this year don’t you think? Let me clear up some myths for you right here right now!

Weight loss is a short term goal – There are no quick fixes and any program that promises immediate results is lying. Weight loss is not about a week of deprivation or avoiding your favorite foods over the weekend. It’s about strategy, planning and balance. It is about taking the time to learn what foods make YOU feel good, improve YOUR digestion and get YOUR body humming. It’s about following a plan that YOU can stick to, it’s about being educated on that plan and it’s about a lifestyle YOU can continue long term. If that sounds like a journey, well it is one. However, it is a journey you’ll only have to take once as long as you know how to stay on your path.

There’s a supplement for that – There is a lot of talk around supplements these days and I’m a fan. Personally, I take omegas, turmeric, vitamin D3 and a few others depending on the season. With that being said, I treat supplements like a safety net and focus on food first. If there are gaps in your diet or if there are symptoms that come up that’s a great reason to supplement with herbs, vitamins, minerals and/or superfoods but if you aren’t taking care of yourself, they won’t fix the issue alone. Your needs are unique so keep that in mind the next time an influencer or friend recommends their current regime to you!

Skip Carbs, Lose Weight – Although this is an old story, sadly it’s not going away. Carbs are still the enemy in many minds and their removal is often the basis for many diets. News flash friends, carbs provide our bodies with energy, they are our number one fuel source. Additionally, complex carbs (oh you know the ones, whole grains, veggies, fruit, sweet potatoes) are rich in B-vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and minerals too! So let’s not cut all carbs, just reduce the carbs that actually cause weight gain like processed foods, bagels, sugar-sweetened foods/beverages and candy. Sorry, not sorry!

Healthy foods are free foods – A bottomless bowl of food sounds great but in reality, there are no free foods. I find many of my clients tend to over-consume foods that come with a “healthy halo” such as granola, cauliflower pizza crusts, gluten-free crackers, nuts, dark chocolate and cheese (to name a few). Sure they may not be made of white flour, are low in carbs, contain vitamins and antioxidants and are considered whole foods, however, they still contain calories, fat and fiber and too much of a good thing is just that, too much. So measure out your servings and keep an eye on those packaged yet “healthy” products and while you are at it, drop the spoon in your peanut butter jar and measure out those 2 TBSPs!

All alt mylks are created equal – New non-dairy products are popping up every day from oat mylk to almond mylk, there is a flavor for every palate. Do you know what’s in your alt mylk? Next time you order that latte or make a smoothie at home, flip over the box and read those ingredients. In order to meet that creamy taste and texture brands include gums, fillers, emulsifiers, oils and sweeteners that we don’t need (we are making this switch for our health after all). What should be in there? It’s simple. The nut or grain, sea salt, maybe vanilla and water…that’s it! You can even make your own (no really, it’s easy!). C’mon let’s really do our body good.