Eliminate these metabolism ruining behaviors from your diet

Eliminate These Top Three Metabolism Ruining Behaviors From Your Diet

Believe it or not, the best way to recover post holiday feasts is not by ‘detoxing.’ In fact, you should go right back to your normal routine to help your body stay on track and minimize the damage from overeating, even if the festivities lasted more than just one day.


If you’re having difficulty recovering from your holiday, you may want to consider some behaviors you may be doing on a daily basis that are already wreaking havoc on your metabolism. If you’re guilty of any or all of the following top three metabolism busters, it may be time to re-evaluate your approach to eating and make some changes. Once you do this, we guarantee that you’ll rev your metabolism, feel more energized, sleep better, work better, recover faster, and on top of all of that you might lose a few pounds!


Top Three Metabolism Ruining Behaviors (and why they might be standing in your way of success):


  1. You skipped breakfast – Eating breakfast sets you up for success and revs your metabolism. When you wake up the in morning, your body is in ‘starvation mode’, since you likely haven’t eaten in 8-12 hours! By eating breakfast, you tell your body that instead of saving calories in case of famine, it can now start breaking down fat for energy again instead of storage (aka extra padding).
  2. You drank too much caffeine (this includes coffee, lattes, sodas, energy drinks, etc) – Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant, which is why so many diet pills contain caffeine. If you’re constantly sipping on coffee or sodas throughout the day, you may not eat much or realize how hungry you really are until you get home for dinner. Just like skipping breakfast, not eating enough throughout the day can make your metabolism sluggish, so by the time you eat dinner, instead of immediately using that food for energy, your body is aggressively storing it as fat, just in case it will be deprived again.
  3. You had a really big dinner, really late – Ok, so maybe you didn’t have time to eat lunch, you got home late, and now you’re starving. Maybe you tried “banking” your calories after a night out. Whatever the reason may be, eating a large dinner, especially too close to bedtime, can be detrimental to your metabolism, disrupt sleep, and give you painful heartburn! Thinking back to behavior #1, this can also decrease hunger in the morning for breakfast, and ultimately lead to weight gain (it’s a vicious cycle isn’t it?). The best way to avoid this is to always have healthy snacks nearby and to never skip meals!