Best Teas for Your Nutrition Goals

To Help with Bloating, Menopause, Sleep, and More…

Your not-so-secret weapon to help you achieve your health goals: Tea.

You may already know that drinking tea is my #1 tip for curbing nighttime snacking. It gives you something to do with your hands and has zero calories.

But the tea you choose can do so much more. For example, I work with women experiencing infertility, perimenopause, and menopause, and tea can provide hormone support.

Or, what if you’re experiencing discomfort with digestion or bloating? I’d recommend peppermint tea or nettle tea.

Looking to incorporate mushrooms, or herbs into your diet? Tea can help!

Comment and let me know if you are a regular tea drinker or if I can recommend one for you.

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Amy Shapiro, NYC dietitian, discussed the benefits of tea.