A Look at Applegate® Well Carved™ Blended Meatballs

As a registered dietitian, I am well versed in the many healthy products that line the grocery store shelves, fridges and freezers.  I’m super picky about ingredients, taste, message and functionality and I get really excited about products that make healthy living easy and wholesome.  As you already know, I’m also a huge fan of veggies and plants at every meal (those antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals can’t be beat!) so you can imagine my excitement when I found Applegate Well Carved Blended Meatballs at my local grocery store.

I am already a big fan of Applegate meat products because they are natural, organic, humanely raised without antibiotics and contain no added hormones (yuck!).  However, its their Well Carved™ line that I’m truly obsessing over.  Here Applegate adds organic vegetables, legumes, and grains to their meat products creating a blended product that seriously tastes great!  I recently tried the Asian Style and Mediterranean Style meatballs, and these check all the boxes: better for you, more planet-friendly, delicious, and easy to prepare.  Not to mention in every serving you get ¼ cup of veggies! 

Although it sounds easy enough to add veggies to every meal, many Americans don’t meet the goal of consuming 2 ½ cups of veggies daily.  And I know from experience many children don’t come close either.  This is where these blended products really help out.  Applegate was able to find the ideal blend of meat to veggies, legumes, and grains while staying  true to that meat forward flavor. What’s more, the veggies make them super juicy too. That’s a win-win in my house!  Just last night my pickiest eater devoured the Mediterranean Style meatballs no questions asked. I simply cooked them in the oven and served them with whole wheat pasta, sauce and peas (I mean, I’m a dietitian of course I added extra veggies!).  It was an easy and healthy midweek dinner, we all enjoyed with fewer pots and pans to clean. 

So they taste great, have fewer calories, total fat, and saturated fat compared to their conventional counterparts and are USDA Organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free too!  Now you can see why I’m so excited right?  There’s nothing artificial and all the ingredients used could be found in your kitchen. Except now you don’t have to do the work! Yes please!  I keep a stash of these Well Carved meatballs in my freezer to allow for quick and delicious meals any time with all the nutrition and less of the hassle. 

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This is sponsored by Applegate.