Real Products: July/August Faves


  • Califia Farms: When it comes to alternative milks I am all about Califa products. They are creamy and delicious and best of all Carrageenan free so I’m totally on board. They are no longer just about milk, they’ve got a solid cold brew coffee (which my husband loves), creamers and now even drinkable dairy-free yogurts loaded with probiotics. Needless to say they are totally on trend and crushing the beverage game. So if you want to get involved and I suggest you do grab this code for a discount (those alternative milks can get pricey!) Discount Code for 25% off: CFRD25 
  • Simply 7 – If you haven’t tried these snacks you really should. Non-GMO, ingredients you can pronounce, no trans fats, gluten free, whole foods based and the list goes on. Not to mention Giada Laurentis partnered with them to create the recipes so you KNOW they are delicious. On top of everything else, they support women in agriculture – yes! So far our favorites are the Ranch flavored veggie chips and the Parmesan Popcorn but the Kale chips are on deck. Stay tuned!
  • The Ginger People – If you have purchased anything ginger related in a package then you know the Ginger People. I often buy their pickled ginger and their delicious Gin-Gin Candies (a lifesaver if you suffer from motion sickness) but they’ve just released a whole new line of Ginger Shots loaded with superfoods for you to enjoy while keeping your immune and digestive systems on point! The Lemon Cayenne is my favorite since I am a big believer in the immune boosting properties of lemon and the metabolism support of Cayenne. It is also a great way to start your day or pick up your energy in the afternoon instead of another cup of coffee. Stock up come fall to ward of cold and flu season!
  • Spindrift If you haven’t tried Spindrift yet, where have you been? This super cute and totally tasty beverage is quickly taking over at many markets and restaurants. While I don’t usually recommend drinking your calories, this one is worth it (and the calories per can are really very low). With just two ingredients, as a Mom and a Dietitian, I can fully stand behind this. My favorite is the Grapefruit, my kids the Orange Mango and my husband the Half & Half (aka: natural Arnold Palmer). So quench your thirst and feel good about the flavor, simply from fresh fruit. Oh, and Kristen Bell is their only spokesperson and she really is THAT awesome!
  • MegaFoods B12 As a dietitian, I usually recommend my clients get all their nutrients from food first and then bring in supplements. Certain clients do require supplementation right away especially those following a Vegan diet which lacks vitamin B12 (because it is only found in animal products). I’ve been a fan of Mega Food supplements for a long time since I love that they actually put whole foods (plants) into their vitamins and then enhance with even more nutrients. But now they’ve come out with Gummies, yes for adults because 40% of the population can’t or doesn’t like taking pills. Better yet, they are FREAKING delicious and taste just like the food it’s made from (no added sweeteners or fillers!). I have low B12 and have been enjoying the Cranberry flavor recently and have to say, it feels like I’m eating candy (but I stop at 2!). With a wide variety of flavors and a whole line dedicated to gummies now, taking vitamins has never been more delicious or fun!
  • RX Nut Butter OK, we all know about RX Bars and I’ve written them up before but I am totally jazzed about their new nut butter line because they are so darn good!  Staying true to their brand they list their clean ingredients upfront so you know what you are putting into your body (very important) and they add some unusual ingredients to boost the nutritional value and therefore keep you satisfied longer.  Each serving of their nut butter contains 9 grams of protein (from egg whites) that’s 6 grams more than your average nut butter. Sweetened with dates and smooth from coconut oil, this blend really elevates the nut butter game!