Real Products: May Favorites

real products_may

A monthly review of our favorite product and how we enjoy them!

Jonny Pops – Frozen desserts are a favorite summer indulgence and Jonny Pops is one of my new discoveries and now family fav! Innovative flavors like Cold Press Coffee, Chocolate and Cream and Banana Cinnamon and Cream appeal to both kids and adults. With clean ingredients and half the sugar of traditional ice cream pops, we can’t get enough! Bonus: acts of kindness are stamped onto each stick – a good reason to enjoy down to the last bite!

Vita Coco Coconut Water with Pressed Coconuts – While hydration is always a relevant topic in nutrition and wellness, it’s especially important as we approach summer. As long time fans of Vita Coco we were thrilled to test out their newest product, Coconut Water with Pressed Coconuts (of course during a sweaty workout). The beverage has the same excellent benefits – we call it nature’s Gatorade – as their original version, just with a sweeter, nuttier taste. Hydration never sounded so good and natural!

Trader Joe’s – Everything But the Bagel  – As a Dietitian I don’t often recommend eating bagels (duh!) but I can’t ignore the fact that an everything bagel is freaking delicious! That’s why I am obsessed with this seasoning.  Full of flavor, herbs and seeds it is good for you even if it tastes decadent! I sprinkle it on crackers with hummus, salads, avocado and more. See, who needs those carbs when you’ve got this!

Siggi’s – Siggi’s is the top brand of yogurt I recommend to clients who enjoy and eat dairy (Dairy-free? See last month’s suggestion). It’s high in protein (14 -15 grams) and the only brand where I am open to ANY flavor because it’s low in sugar (less than 3 added grams) yet packed with flavor – a winning combo. Add some chia seeds, a handful of almonds or berries and you’ll be full for hours.

Siete Foods – Everyone loves Mexican food and I love to recommend it since it is an easy meal to fit to people’s dietary needs.  But tacos without tortillas is sad…until you meet SIETE! Their line of almond, cassava and coconut flour tortillas and chips makes eating salsa fun again!  I like the whole line of Siete Foods, but my go-to is the Almond Flour Tortillas and my kids dig the chips!