4 “New” Ancient Whole Grains

Farro It’s no wonder the low-carb diet craze is so passé. Whole grains are healthy starches, packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Refined grains, like white flour, white rice, and even most “Multigrain” snacks are stripped of these nutrients during processing. This is why we always encourage buying “100%...
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Colorful Portion Control

We’ve all been there: our best intentions to consume a snack-sized portion of nuts/cereal/fro-yo result in a depleted container and too many extra calories not to mention the guilt. Or have you found yourself using tons of disposable zip-locks for on-the-go snacks? Enter the latest solution: PortionWare. This product...
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Low calorie veggie sauté tip!

I used to cook with olive oil or canola oil, both heart healthy fats that may help protect us from heart disease (canola oil even has omega-3s, an added benefit). However, there has been an on going controversy about heating oils and that they may actually become carcinogenic (cancer...
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