Coffee Gets its Buzz Back

Coffee has a bad reputation. Feeling jittery or anxious? Sluggish, tired, or dehydrated? Most trainers and diet gurus will tell you to nix the coffee. Replace it with tea and hot lemon water! You’ll never miss the buzz! Right? Don’t answer that. Luckily, science is gradually proving the scare...
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Oatmeal swap: Brown Rice

This morning I noticed I had about 1 cup of brown rice left over in my fridge and I thought, “what should I do with this”? It was Monday which means my fridge is usually lacking in many items and I needed to do a food shopping so healthy...
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Hemp Yourself to Better Health

Hemp. We know what you’re thinking…but it’s not just the cousin of marijuana and material for surfer friendship bracelets anymore! Humans have used hemp for over 12,000 years for food! It is easy to cultivate, environmentally sustainable, requires barely any pesticides and replenishes the soil in which it grows....
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Hot Chocolate Alternative

Looking to take the chill out of your bones after a cold winters day? Instead of reaching for hot chocolate (often topped with whipped cream and full of sugar), try something new….and a lot lighter! No artificial sweeteners, no added sugars and no extra calories my Almond Milk Chai...
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4 “New” Ancient Whole Grains

Farro It’s no wonder the low-carb diet craze is so passé. Whole grains are healthy starches, packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Refined grains, like white flour, white rice, and even most “Multigrain” snacks are stripped of these nutrients during processing. This is why we always encourage buying “100%...
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