Top 6 Greens for Spring

Spring is here, so snap out of your winter mindset and get ready to shed some layers with us and our SIX favorite seasonal foods that all happened to be green (this nutritionists favorite color of course!). Here at Real Nutrition we are always incorporating greens into our diets,...
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Healthy Baked Donuts

Healthy donuts? Yes please! These baked donuts are the perfect alternative to fried, sugary, store-bought donuts that the whole family can enjoy. Although I used blueberries and dark chocolate chips, you could try making your own variations or flavor combinations to suit your preferences. If you’re making these for...
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Slow Cooker Asian Chicken Soup

chicken soup
So I’m kind of obsessed with soup already, even though it’s just starting to get cold out. However, it’s officially soup season here at Real Nutrition, which certainly calls for celebration. I love making soups for several reasons… They last all week–no meal planning required! They’re so easy to...
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A Low Calorie Cocktail

It’s summer and if you’re anything like me, the opportunity to grab a cocktail with friends, a spouse or family pops up as soon as the sun starts setting and a cool breeze comes along.  By the beach, in the city or even at home, summer is a time...
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Portion Distortion

“Watch your portions” we hear it all the time, but what does 1/2 a cup of cereal or 1 ounce of chips really look like? We know that portion control is the key to weight loss, but sometimes portion distortion gets the best of us. There are plenty of...
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