Oatmeal swap: Brown Rice

This morning I noticed I had about 1 cup of brown rice left over in my fridge and I thought, “what should I do with this”? It was Monday which means my fridge is usually lacking in many items and I needed to do a food shopping so healthy...
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Hot Chocolate Alternative

Looking to take the chill out of your bones after a cold winters day? Instead of reaching for hot chocolate (often topped with whipped cream and full of sugar), try something new….and a lot lighter! No artificial sweeteners, no added sugars and no extra calories my Almond Milk Chai...
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Blend and Go

A healthy breakfast on the run has never been easier. We just found and are totally obsessed with the new Oster MyBlend which lets you blend your favorite frozen fruit smoothie right into a 20oz plastic sports bottle (now you don’t have to clean your blender!). We recommend making your...
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Healthy Pancake Makeover

Try Whole Wheat Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes! Blueberry season is NOW, so take advantage of their naturally sweet flavor (saves you cals so you can skip the syrup) and since they’re loaded with antioxidants they’ll help to prevent skin damage from the summer’s sun. And if that isn’t enough, these...
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5 Refreshing Summer Snacks

Summer’s officially here! With the heat ramped up and that “always on-the-move” NYC schedule to keep up with, healthy snack ideas are a must. To keep your waistline beach ready, check out our healthy snacks, all 200 calories or less, packed with nutrients and delicious seasonal ingredients! Yogurt Parfait...
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