Shots for Everyone?

Chances are, at least one of your friends from spin class loves apple cider vinegar. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s cloudy? Smells so strong that you can’t help but make a face after taking a sniff?  It’s a medicine, it’s a cleaning product, it’s…apple cider vinegar! In other words,...
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Dining Out Done Right

Living in New York City, I am well aware that dining out is the social (and delicious) thing to do. While I love to cook for my family and even company, there are times when it is easier – and simply more practical- to dine out.  But, eating out...
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Sip your Way to Skinny

When we think of losing weight, we often think of dieting and eating the right things, but what about drinking? Even if you stick to whole grains, veggies, fruit, and lean protein during the day, a night out with some friends could easily turn your successful day into a...
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Sprouted Nuts and Seeds

I love nuts and would live on them and nut butters alone (um, and chocolate) if they didn’t carry such a high calorie and fat load.  But, since they do I limit myself to 1 serving a day (about 1/4 cup nuts or 2 TBSP nut butter) so I...
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The Skinny on Fruit

Weight Watchers used to be the last bastion of old-school numbers-don’t-lie dieting. The points system reinforces a fundamental principle of weight loss: to lose body weight, create a calorie deficit. Fewer calories in, more calories out. When the body does not get enough energy from food, it begins to...
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4 “New” Ancient Whole Grains

Farro It’s no wonder the low-carb diet craze is so passé. Whole grains are healthy starches, packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Refined grains, like white flour, white rice, and even most “Multigrain” snacks are stripped of these nutrients during processing. This is why we always encourage buying “100%...
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Nuts for Nuts

One of my favorite snacks are nuts. A handful a day may not only help to prevent heart disease but recent studies show they can also promote weight loss! The catch? Keeping your intake to just one handful (technically 1/4 cup is a serving). Simply put, grabbing too many...
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Fat traps on New Years Eve

Everyone looks forward to the holiday season filled with cheer, festivities and oh yeah….food. Getting swept up in the parties doesn’t give you the right to wreck the progress you’ve made on your diet (not to mention fitting into your skinny jeans!). So before you add weight loss to...
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