Healthy Traveling Tips

Whether you’re traveling for vacation or business, keeping your diet on point can be extremely difficult. Next time you hit the road, keep these tips in mind and who knows, maybe you’ll even drop a pound or two! Healthy Traveling Tips:   Pack a cooler, or at least a...
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Dining Out Done Right

Living in New York City, I am well aware that dining out is the social (and delicious) thing to do. While I love to cook for my family and even company, there are times when it is easier – and simply more practical- to dine out.  But, eating out...
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Fat traps on New Years Eve

Everyone looks forward to the holiday season filled with cheer, festivities and oh yeah….food. Getting swept up in the parties doesn’t give you the right to wreck the progress you’ve made on your diet (not to mention fitting into your skinny jeans!). So before you add weight loss to...
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