April Faves

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RxBar Chocolate Coconut Protein Bar So many protein bars are simply candy bars in disguise – not the RxBar. I love how the ingredients are clearly printed on the front of the packaging so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. These are perfect for travel or...
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March Faves

Moon Juice Blue Beauty Adaptogen Protein Powder – Hands down my favorite protein powder. While I have not yet gotten down with the Brain and Spirit Dusts, Moon Juice Adaptogen Protein Powder packs a serious nutritious-punch and allows me to easily incorporate Adaptogens (read a very trendy and healthy...
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January Smoothie Recipe

Each month I like to give myself a challenge. Since TONS of my clients ask about smoothies, I decided to make it my new morning ritual in January. Now that it’s completed, I’ve gotta say not only was it fun (and superfood filled) but I am also kinda hooked. Below is...
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The Culinistas

If your new year’s resolution is to eat healthy, but you don’t have the time to cook let us introduce you to The Culinistas, a company that makes having a private chef affordable and not “fancy.”  Not only is the food delicious, it is also family friendly and edited...
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Top Trends from Expo East

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Twice a year, every year, the Natural Products Expo occurs, where a TON of natural food companies converge onto one location to show off their healthy food and snacks that follow and inspire the latest health trends.  Most of these products eventually make their way onto Whole Foods store...
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