brami-snacking-lupi-beansI like to keep my snacks simple. An apple sometimes. A handful of almonds other times. I get in my protein and fiber to fill me up until dinner and I’m ready to keep going! But, I’m going to let you in on a secret: I get bored of snacking on the same thing every day too! I’m constantly on the lookout for healthy snack options, and Brami Beans are one of my favorites.

I know what you’re thinking. Beans? For a snack? Just hear me out.

These briny wonders are the very definition of superfood. They’re not anything like the black beans or red beans we’re used to – they are lupini beans. They come all the way from the Roman Empire, and were used by warriors as fuel for tiresome journeys. Better yet, Brami Beans have A LOT of protein and fiber but not a lot of carbs or fat. Also, these bad boys are vegan and filled with a ton of macronutrients. Beat that!

I want to pause here to make clear that, if you love pickles, you’ll adore these. Keep in mind that they are vacuum packed and preserved, so their taste has a sour tinge. I personally love that particular taste, which is why I’m so obsessed!

What’s the best news, you ask? They taste GREAT :)! Brami Beans come in a variety of flavors, like sea salt, garlic and herb, and red pepper, and I’ve never tasted a batch I haven’t loved (sea salt is my favorite.) They’re vacuum-packed to preserve their freshness and great taste, so you will never eat a dry Brami Bean.

Sounds like a miracle? Well, it kind of is. Brami Beans just go to show that the most simple eating is the best, most delicious, and the best for you. So, next time you’re in a Whole Foods or other health store, try out a bag of this delicious snack and let us know your thoughts!