Egg_coloursHow many times in the past year have you heard ‘egg whites?’ Check that; how many times in the past week? Throwing away the yolk has become a fad in healthy pop culture. Little do you know, the yolk is the best part!

Let’s talk about eggs for a second. They are the ultimate protein on a budget food, and one large egg only has about 70 calories! Eating eggs for breakfast has been proven to aid with weight loss and reduce inches, over other common breakfast foods like bagels or cereal. Also, do you know how many vitamins and minerals one egg contains? Eggs are filled with small amounts of every single vitamin needed by the human body. How cool is that?

Now, let’s talk about the yolks. Years ago, in the 1970s, the American Heart Association suggested that we should only be eating three eggs per week. This has perpetuated the myth that eating whole eggs raises cholesterol and facilitates weight gain. What people DON’T tell you, however, is that the AHA withdrew this recommendation! They found that, even though eggs have cholesterol, they don’t necessarily contribute to high cholesterol. In fact, they have been proven to help lower cholesterol.

Additionally, remember all those vitamins and minerals that eggs have? Those precious nutrients, and 40% of an egg’s protein, are in the yolk. If you just eat the whites, you’re robbing yourself of vitamins, minerals, and protein at the same time, not to mention good fats.

The bottom line here is that whole eggs are amazing, cheap, and great for you. If all of the above is not enough to convince you, just remember: whole eggs taste better than egg whites! The yolk contains the good fat, which adds a richer, tastier element to your breakfast.

So, start off the day right. The next time you’re thinking about making an egg white omelet, remember everything you’re missing out on, and make a regular omelet instead.